The story of UPLINE

We are a Czech company founded in 1995. The main idea behind the founding of the company was to enable independent development in combined transport and start operation in the field of bulk materials and petrochemistry and change the distribution points of the main customers, as their loading and/or unloading points could not always be reached by train. Therefore, it was desirable to find another type of transport.

Mission of UPLINE

The main mission of UPLINE CZ s.r.o. is to provide services and support development in the field of combined transport, both multimodal and intermodal, combined transport terminal services and combined bulk logistics services.


2008Start of the company’s operation, start of VLC operation (Public Logistics Centre – including the combined road/rail transport terminal)
2008First transport contracts in combined transport mode
2009Reconstruction of warehouses and open storage areas
2009Launch of a bulk terminal test project
2010Arrival of the first train at public logistics center
2011Start of two-shift operation
2012UPLINE CZ s.r.o. becomes a member of a group of cooperating companies – M+L LOGISTIK s.r.o., VELLERIN, a.s.
2012The capacity increased to 200 containers
2012Start of three-shift operation (rails and warehouses available 24 hrs/day)
2014Petrol station was built
2015Construction of an 8,500 m2 container storage and reach stacker handling area started
2015Reach stacker for handling containers purchased
2015Public logistics center area extended
2016The number of containers increased more than four times
2016Construction of 18,000 m2 container storage and reach stacker handling area completed
2017Construction of additional area started, 35,000 m2 in total
2017A second reach stacker purchased


foundation of the company

120 000

tons reloaded a year


number of employees

Membership of organizations

UPLINE CZ is a member of the following organizations: